About Us


NJ Minority Business, formerly known as NJ Minority Business Directory started in 2004 as a sub brand of ILL DESIGNS, a web design and marketing firm, which now operates as Be Iconic Agency – a branding and marketing firm. Over the years these entities have re-branded yet at each company’s core lay its close network of business professionals – many of whom we are proud to call friends. Our mission revolves around 3 focus areas relating to educating professionals of all levels on professional networking, branding & marketing and real estate/ home ownership.

Our events and social mixers are designed to actively promote professional networking. Professional networking is defined as a type of social network that is focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business nature rather than including personal, non-business interactions. Encouraging and educating professionals on the power of networking is high on our priority list.
Taking the time to identify, plan and present your professional brand and image to the world is key to being taken seriously as a professional deserving of respect, consideration and patronage. Our creative experts eat, breathe and sleep branding and marketing.
Property ownership inherently instills pride and purpose and can help build wealth. We are committed to educating the public on the benefits of home ownership and investing in real estate. Offering accurate information and sensible options, on real estate, especially to those in urban diverse communities is high on our priority list. To accomplish this mission we have partnered with A-List Realty in Piscataway, NJ.
See the 7 Financial Benefits Of Home Ownership noted below (as stated by Trulia)
1. Home ownership Builds Wealth Over Time
2. You Build Equity Every Month
3. You Reap Mortgage Tax Deduction Benefits
4. Tax Deductions on Home Equity Lines
5. You Get a Capital Gains Exclusion
6. A Mortgage Is Like a Forced Savings Plan
7. Long Term, Buying Is Cheaper than Renting

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